Free flash menu will make the Web more beautiful!

We created a flash menu which contains the best qualities. Now you can take advantage of the ready-made flash buttons templates. Also we want to say that the quantity of submenu levels is not limited, it is possible to make flash menu's of horizontal or vertical types, submenu's of a drop-down or popups types.

Absolutely free!
You can choose flash button themes!
User friendly flash menu builder
Horizontal or vertical flash menu type
Drop down or popup submenu type
Horizontal submenu align
Unlimited submenu levels
Unlimited amount of main and sub buttons
Import background pictures
Import button sounds
Import button sounds
Easy installation in your design
Size and position changes after creation
Support Flash player 7, 8, 9
Small target file size (16 Kb)

Step 1  
Choose your button theme

Step 2  
Specify menu parameters

Step 3  
Create your menu and then copy & paste the small HTML code into your web page

NOTE : Menus will display a small our ad.

Let's begin!

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