DREAMWEAVER menu extensions
Perfect SEO Friendly FLASH MENUS
Our flash menu is an ideal combination of
flash design effectiveness, web usability
and accessibility to search engines.

Easy steps for Newbies

flash newbie steps
- Install a menu using Macromedia (or Adobe) Extension Manager.

After menu extension is installed:

- Create a blank HTML page in Dreamweaver.

- Choose Insert > Media > [Menu Name] (for example: Adobe style menu).

- Save the flash file in "Save Flash Element" dialog box, for example "menu.swf".

- Save the page, for example "test.html".

- Now you can press F12(Opt+F12 on Mac OSX) and test the menu in browser.

It works, great! You can now customize the menu.

- Avoid mistakes, test your page in browser, press F12(Opt+F12 on Mac OSX) each time you make changes in the menu code.

- Customize the menu appearance in Tag Inspector (click on flash object and press F9(Cmd+F9 on Mac OSX) to open Tag Inspector).

- Configure navigation settings (button captions and links) in "Code view", edit the DIV with id='menu'.
Copy and paste a single line of code to add a new button; delete one line to remove a button.

After all you can copy the menu code from your test page to the existing site pages.