Free flash menu will make the Web more beautiful!

Follow easy steps below:


2. After downloading a "button_template.FLA" file you can simply draw flash buttons, which are necessary for you. You will find two usual flash buttons in the library: "1 mainButton" and "2 subButton".


You can edit them as you wish as these are usual flash buttons! Create a beautiful effect for the appearance, a roll over effect or simply draw a fine static button.


Inside the flash button you can use a textfield with any font and any adjustments. It is important that the textfield is a "dynamic text" type and that it is placed directly in the flash button or inside a movieclip. Then the button label will automatically be entered in the textfield.

3. Publish your flash button ( the "button_template.swf" file will be created by default ).

4. Upload the created SWF file on your server.

5. Choose a button template file (swf) in the menu builder on a site.