Fast food: unfriendly and unhealthy

Clarification of terms and system


Web of Science, CrossRef, Scopus, WebTrends, and Altmetric


unfriendly and unhealthy

Food concept healthy and unhealthy

Single number mean article references from each administration’s database (may fluctuate by benefit). The references tallies are dependent on the accessibility of the individual APIs from Web of Science, CrossRef, and Scopus. These checks are refreshed day by day once they end up accessible. Once a reference tally is accessible, the rundown of articles refering to this one is open by tapping on the hover for that reference source in game slot online.

News, online journals and Google+ posts

The circumstances an article has been refered to by singular standard news sources, blog entry, or individual from Google+ alongside a connection to the first article or post. News articles, blog entries and Google+ posts don’t generally connection to articles in a way that can be grabbed by aggregators utilized by Altmetric, so the recorded connections are not really an impression of the whole extent of media, blog or Google+ intrigue. Further, the rundown of web journals and news sources secured is physically curated by Altmetric and in this manner is liable to their watchfulness for consideration as a logical blog or media source. The news, blog, and Google+ posts are given by Altmetric and are refreshed hourly.



Altmetric score

Altmetric figures a score in view of the online consideration an article gets. Each hued string in the circle speaks to an alternate sort of online consideration and the number in the inside is the Altmetric score. The score is ascertained in light of two fundamental wellsprings of online consideration: web-based social networking and standard news media. Altmetric additionally tracks utilization in online reference supervisors, for example, Mendeley and CiteULike, however these don’t add to the score. More established articles will normally score higher in light of the fact that they have had more opportunity to get took note. To represent this, Altmetric has incorporated the setting information for articles of a “comparative age” (distributed inside a month and a half of either side of the production date of this article).

For a more point by point depiction of Altmetric, the Altmetric score, and sources utilized, please observe Altmetric’s data page.

Twitter socioeconomics

Gives the quantity of tweets separated by nation of birthplace for the Twitter account. The geographic breakdown for the twitter sources is given by Altmetric and is refreshed hourly.